Thursday, 31 May 2012

July Magazine Freebies

So it seems almost every July magazine issue has some amazing freebies at the moment! Glamour and InStyle are two of my favourite monthly magazines so I was happy to see the brilliant make up they were giving away free with the new issues! 

Instyle has a choice of two The Body Shop make up items: Big and Curvy Mascara or Kohl Eye Definers in Black & Navy. Both are full size and the same as what are sold in store!

Glamour (which also has a choice of three cover stars) has three sample size products by Benefit: BadGal Lash Mascara, That Gal Primer & The Porefessional

I chose the mascaras with both magazines & am looking forward to giving them a try! I've used my friends Benefit They're Real Mascara for nights out recently & been so impressed so I've got high hopes for the BadGal Lash!! I will definitely be hunting down another copy of Glamour with the That Gal Primer to try out too! 

Next to buy is Elle with David Beckham on the cover (!?) ... at first I thought my eyes were deceiving me but its true! Its actually a very good way in getting even more women to buy the magazine (& the free gift is a summery vest top by Reiss!) . . .


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I want to go to a Gatsby party.

The Great Gatsby trailer has finally been released and I could not be more excited! I'm a huge fan of the book, having read it in English Lit at 6th Form and when I found out over a year ago that Baz Luhrmann was making a new (3D!) adaptation of my favourite book with Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby (best casting ever) I was literally counting down the days until its release!

From what the trailer shows, the whole look of the film is so very Luhrmann and completely encapsulates the extravagance and excitement of  1920's New York. Influences from this era have been seen on the catwalks for some time now and this bound to explode by the time the film is released this December. The fashion, alongside the performances and the film in general, are sure to be a huge talking point of the film. 

In a slightly unusual but brilliant choice, Jay Z and Kanye West's collaboration No Church For The Wild accompanies the opening voice over of the trailer and achieves in setting the whole tone for the film which is sure to be incredible.

literally cannot wait to see this film and if Baz Luhrmann's previous masterpieces (Moulin Rouge anyone?) are anything to go by this will definitely not disappoint! 


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I left my heart in Falmouth . . .

Sooo last Thursday me and two friends, Sophie & Elise took a trip down the Falmouth, Cornwall for 4 days and it was AMAZING! It was Elise's first visit to this wonderful place, as Sophie and I had lived there for 3 years while at Uni and it was our first trip back since graduation last September! We stayed at Falmouth Lodge Backpackers, a cheap, clean and cosy hostel very close to the beach and town! I would definitely stay there again!

The Olympic Torch!
We were lucky enough to be in Falmouth for the first day of the Olympic Torch relay (Saturday 19th May) and the town was literally buzzing! I have never seen it so crowded before, it was such an exciting yet relaxed atmosphere...the epitome of Cornish life.

chilling by the harbour with a cider=PERFECT

We also went to see Wretch 32 at The Stannary at Tremough Campus for the last night of his Unorthodox Tour! It was SO good & we were literally SO close to getting backstage and meeting him...but that's another story!

Us with Jakwob

One of the best live performances I've been to
Enjoying an Elvis cocktail at The Shed

You know you've had a good night out when you come back with no photos from inside the club . . . 

Mama Africa...a recently opened club & my new favourite place

All in all it was the best 4 days I'd had in a LONG time! I miss it already...


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Met Ball 2012: Best Dressed

The Met Ball is such an exclusive, glamorous event and I couldn't wait to see the photos of the beautiful dresses worn last night! Here's my best dressed picks . . .

Emma Stone wearing Lanvin.
I'm a big Emma fan - her acting, style and her in general! This dress is cute, fun and yet still age appropriate. I'm always excited to see what she's going to wear as she clearly knows what suits her and likes to have fun with her dress choices! 

Claire Danes wearing J.Mendel 
This whole look is just stunning. I especially love the unusual neckline and detail on the dress, and the bead work is beautiful.

Dianna Agron wearing Carolina Herrera
I absolutely love the colour and fabric of this dress! It really stands out against a red carpet full of black, metallic and shimmery dresses.  


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Nails Inc for InStyle: Bluebell

As many of you probably know the June issue of InStyle is giving away free Nails Inc nail polishes! After trying two different shops I managed to track down the shade I was after: Bluebell. I was very lucky to get it on my third attempt as it was the last on the shelf!

I was attracted to this particular polish because of its violet tones and the fact that its unlike any shade I'd ever seen for nails before. The name is spot on as it perfectly matches the colour of Bluebell's and is perfect for the current season! Its a very soft, pretty, wearable colour and I imagine with a tan it would really pop! 

There are three colours to choose from - Power Pink (which I got this morning but have yet to try!), Bluebell and Peach Sorbet. I even received a tweet from InStyle saying that Bluebell seemed to be the favourite shade of the three! 

In other news (not nail related!) I made some very pretty vanilla and jam cupcakes for my mum's birthday this morning and just had to share a photo of them! I love the pastel frosting!