Saturday, 5 May 2012

Nails Inc for InStyle: Bluebell

As many of you probably know the June issue of InStyle is giving away free Nails Inc nail polishes! After trying two different shops I managed to track down the shade I was after: Bluebell. I was very lucky to get it on my third attempt as it was the last on the shelf!

I was attracted to this particular polish because of its violet tones and the fact that its unlike any shade I'd ever seen for nails before. The name is spot on as it perfectly matches the colour of Bluebell's and is perfect for the current season! Its a very soft, pretty, wearable colour and I imagine with a tan it would really pop! 

There are three colours to choose from - Power Pink (which I got this morning but have yet to try!), Bluebell and Peach Sorbet. I even received a tweet from InStyle saying that Bluebell seemed to be the favourite shade of the three! 

In other news (not nail related!) I made some very pretty vanilla and jam cupcakes for my mum's birthday this morning and just had to share a photo of them! I love the pastel frosting! 

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  1. omg, Jess! This color is phenomenal!! Ahhh so pretty! I have a purple kinda similar to this, but yours is way prettier lol xxx