Saturday, 31 December 2011

Best day of 2011

I've got many great memories from 2011 most of which are from the last two terms at uni! My absolute favourite day of the year was the Royal Wedding, there will never be another day like it! There was a HUGE street party in Falmouth in the road just behind where me and my friends lived and it was AMAZING!! I've posted a link to a short film which was made about the day, me and some friends are featured in the background a couple of times (one is 12 seconds in on the picnic bench). Aside from being my favourite day of the year its also one of my favourite memories from my whole uni experience.

Happy New Year


Friday, 30 December 2011

My goals for 2012

So much has happened in 2011, it seems like the quickest year of my life! Its been a defining year with some amazing and hilarious memories. I've made new friends and got back in contact with old ones, finished my third year with a 2:1, graduated university, and experienced city life. In other ways its been disappointing and I feel like my life has completely changed. I miss university life and all my friends I made there so much, but I finished knowing I made the most of the 3 years and took none of the experience for granted.

So with all thats happened in mind I've written some goals (not calling them resolutions!) for 2012 which I am going to work so very hard to achieve. I know next year will be a great year for me and I am very excited!!
  • To get a job I absolutely LOVE!!!
  • Move to London (pushing the goal a bit far but I'd love a loft apartment!! or a cute Mews house)
  • Dedicate time to making this blog something I am very proud of.
  • Learn to cook properly!!
  • Not get upset over someone who isn't worth my time or tears (this has happened far too often)
  • Get a third tattoo
  • Go on holiday (Anywhere beautiful and preferably hot)
  • Start saving for a Chanel 2.55
  • Spend next New Years in New York (again I could be hoping for too much with this one!)
  • Have fun & be happy :)
Also, I found this little beauty of a quote on Twitter...something to think about - Remember New Year shouldn't be the only time you strive to do better. You should strive to be the best version of you every single day.


Happy Memories Box

Yesterday I recieved this thoughtful New Years gift from a very special friend. Inside the cute box were 33 things about me including favourite quotes and reasons why we have such a great friendship! Reading them almost reduced me to tears, they were some of the nicest things anyones ever written about me. Many people don't often think about their best features and why those around them love them so this type of gift is a beautiful way of showing how much they are appreciated.Its a lovely sentimental gift that I can keep, add memories to and as the note inside says, look back at whenever I feel down about things.

I won't share them all on here but there was one in particular which really stood out for me. I think it can apply to alot of people and is something to keep in mind... 
Number 23: Please never forget how loved you are, and how many people appreciate what you bring to their life.


Thursday, 29 December 2011

The perfect t-shirt.

I was planning to write this post about the amazing bargains I found in the sales today, however I left Canterbury only having bought things not in the sale. Always the way! I have ordered a few things online from River Island and ASOS so when they arrive I'll be sure to post about them!

Despite not finding much in the sales I did manage to track down the perfect white t-shirt that will go with almost everything. I've always found it hard to find the perfect t-shirt, its such a simple yet vital part of anyones wardrobe. They can't be too sheer or too thick, too long or too short, too loose, too tight...the list goes on! Its a given that a t-shirt is a timeless item, one that is always in fashion and can get you through each season so when you find your perfect t-shirt definitely buy in multiples! This one in particular was a great find for me so I'll be investing in the other available colours!

Topshop - £15
I also bought this little beauty below which had me written all over it! I love anchors on anything from jewellery to clothing! I love them so much I even got a tiny anchor tattoo on my foot back in March!
Topshop - £18


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pretty Presents

Welcome to my blog! I thought for my first entry it was only right to show some of my lovely gifts (pictured above). The cake stand is from one of my closest friends and I think its beautiful! I love baking and have wanted one for so long so she chose well! The top image shows my mums homemade mince pies, and the second are peanut butter cups, a recipe which I will post to this blog in future.

I absolutely adore the black and brown doctor bag from Topshop in the last image. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap and is the perfect size and colour for everyday use. I now don't have to squish everything into my Chanel which I can save for lighter days.

The emerald green skinny jeans are from Pull & Bear, a shop I discovered in London back in November. They have three stores in London, one on Oxford Street and one at each of the Westfield shopping centres and are part of the Inditex group, the Spanish fashion company which also owns Zara. Its a great shop to check out with a huge range of quality clothing very reasonably priced - these jeans  cost £19.99!! Pull & Bear has an online shop which I'll be checking regularly between now and when I'm next in London.