Sunday, 9 February 2014

February skincare purchases

I heart skincare. I have for over 10 years & my love is still going strong. So every month when it comes to pay day I usually have a little list of items just waiting to be added to my basket. These range from the basics (cotton face pads, face wipes etc),  daily essentials (new moisturiser, cleanser, basically repurchases etc) and any new item I've had my eye on, researched and decided I want to give a go

On my February re-purchase list - Bioderma Hydrabio and the Origins Ginzing energy-boosting moisturizer. I first saw this bottle of Bioderma on Glamour magazine's Beauty Director Alessandra Steinherr's instagram, which she claimed was better than the famous red topped one. I completely agree! After reading the hype around the original Biroderma I purchased a bottle from Escentual but wasn't overwhelmed by it. I found the cleansing water made my skin feel quite uncomfortable immediately after use and it didn't seem ideal for my sometimes sensitive and dry prone skin. However, the blue topped version is very gentle on my face and eye area leaving my skin feeling moisturized, instead of tight, before going ahead with my evening cleanse.

Origins is one of my favourite skincare brands and the Ginzing moisturiser has been my go to day cream since last summer after it launched. It's lightweight with a slightly gel-like texture and is super hydrating and refreshing. This is helped by the fact it feels cooling on the skin and has a gorgeous citrus, fresh scent. Used with the Ginzing eye cream, my skin seems to be loving these radiance boosting treats.

My 'new item' purchase is the Indeed Labs Hydraluron serum which I first read about on Caroline Hiron's blog last year. It's a moisture boosting serum packed with hyaluronic acid which claims to significantly increase skin's hydration levels and ability to retain moisture. Over time it's meant to reduce the amount of topical moisturisers needed to maintain skin hydration (which means you use less of what you put on top of this serum). There is a lot of science behind this product and anything you really need to know about it is on Caroline's blog - she sums it up perfectly. Having only used this serum for a short amount of time (1 week so far) means I can't give a fair opinion on it yet but I have noticed my skin feeling significantly softer after using this post toner and pre-moisturiser in the mornings. Everything seems a lot smoother. Time will tell with this one but so far I'm impressed!

What's next on my 'new item' list? The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil which promises to replenish and recharge skin with moisture overnight. It sounds right up my street and it's only £12! I'm sold. 

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