Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy Memories Box

Yesterday I recieved this thoughtful New Years gift from a very special friend. Inside the cute box were 33 things about me including favourite quotes and reasons why we have such a great friendship! Reading them almost reduced me to tears, they were some of the nicest things anyones ever written about me. Many people don't often think about their best features and why those around them love them so this type of gift is a beautiful way of showing how much they are appreciated.Its a lovely sentimental gift that I can keep, add memories to and as the note inside says, look back at whenever I feel down about things.

I won't share them all on here but there was one in particular which really stood out for me. I think it can apply to alot of people and is something to keep in mind... 
Number 23: Please never forget how loved you are, and how many people appreciate what you bring to their life.


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