Thursday, 29 December 2011

The perfect t-shirt.

I was planning to write this post about the amazing bargains I found in the sales today, however I left Canterbury only having bought things not in the sale. Always the way! I have ordered a few things online from River Island and ASOS so when they arrive I'll be sure to post about them!

Despite not finding much in the sales I did manage to track down the perfect white t-shirt that will go with almost everything. I've always found it hard to find the perfect t-shirt, its such a simple yet vital part of anyones wardrobe. They can't be too sheer or too thick, too long or too short, too loose, too tight...the list goes on! Its a given that a t-shirt is a timeless item, one that is always in fashion and can get you through each season so when you find your perfect t-shirt definitely buy in multiples! This one in particular was a great find for me so I'll be investing in the other available colours!

Topshop - £15
I also bought this little beauty below which had me written all over it! I love anchors on anything from jewellery to clothing! I love them so much I even got a tiny anchor tattoo on my foot back in March!
Topshop - £18


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