Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pretty Presents

Welcome to my blog! I thought for my first entry it was only right to show some of my lovely gifts (pictured above). The cake stand is from one of my closest friends and I think its beautiful! I love baking and have wanted one for so long so she chose well! The top image shows my mums homemade mince pies, and the second are peanut butter cups, a recipe which I will post to this blog in future.

I absolutely adore the black and brown doctor bag from Topshop in the last image. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap and is the perfect size and colour for everyday use. I now don't have to squish everything into my Chanel which I can save for lighter days.

The emerald green skinny jeans are from Pull & Bear, a shop I discovered in London back in November. They have three stores in London, one on Oxford Street and one at each of the Westfield shopping centres and are part of the Inditex group, the Spanish fashion company which also owns Zara. Its a great shop to check out with a huge range of quality clothing very reasonably priced - these jeans  cost £19.99!! Pull & Bear has an online shop which I'll be checking regularly between now and when I'm next in London.



  1. Loving the blog Jess!! Welcome to the blogging's addictive! Please, please, PLEASE post the peanut butter cups recipe soooooon - I LOVE THEM!! Would defo make a few batches of them. Hope you are well xxxx

  2. Hey Steff! Thank you :) I'm loving your blog too, its right up my street! I absolutely love baking!! I'll definitely post the recipe soon with step by step photos x x x