Friday, 30 December 2011

My goals for 2012

So much has happened in 2011, it seems like the quickest year of my life! Its been a defining year with some amazing and hilarious memories. I've made new friends and got back in contact with old ones, finished my third year with a 2:1, graduated university, and experienced city life. In other ways its been disappointing and I feel like my life has completely changed. I miss university life and all my friends I made there so much, but I finished knowing I made the most of the 3 years and took none of the experience for granted.

So with all thats happened in mind I've written some goals (not calling them resolutions!) for 2012 which I am going to work so very hard to achieve. I know next year will be a great year for me and I am very excited!!
  • To get a job I absolutely LOVE!!!
  • Move to London (pushing the goal a bit far but I'd love a loft apartment!! or a cute Mews house)
  • Dedicate time to making this blog something I am very proud of.
  • Learn to cook properly!!
  • Not get upset over someone who isn't worth my time or tears (this has happened far too often)
  • Get a third tattoo
  • Go on holiday (Anywhere beautiful and preferably hot)
  • Start saving for a Chanel 2.55
  • Spend next New Years in New York (again I could be hoping for too much with this one!)
  • Have fun & be happy :)
Also, I found this little beauty of a quote on Twitter...something to think about - Remember New Year shouldn't be the only time you strive to do better. You should strive to be the best version of you every single day.



  1. Thank you for following me :) I have returned the favour, good luck with your goals! As for hoping for too much - nothing is impossible


  2. Tattoo is on my list too! What other tattoo's do you have sweet? xox

  3. Thank you Kirsty! I would love to actually complete all the goals!
    An as for my tattoos I have an anchor on my foot and my sisters name in her handwriting on the inside of my wrist! Both tattoos are quite tiny!

    x x