Saturday, 21 January 2012

Birthday Planning. . .

I love planning outfits! Its probably one of my favourite things to do and planning for a special occasion is even more exciting! My birthday is just under a month away and my outfit is almost sorted!

Cute little package from Love
The dress is from Love  and whilst browsing on the website a couple of weeks ago it immediately caught my attention. I had been looking for a dress with long sleeves and slightly drapey and this ticks both boxes! The colour (called Petrol on the website) is so beautiful and the material is very soft! Along with front and back views of the dress there were also other photos in the gallery of bloggers and celebrities wearing it which gave me an idea of what it really looked like on and ideas on how to style it.

My Amazing gold glittery heels from BooHoo are actually a birthday present from my friend Sophie. She had them delivered to me so I could see if they fit/went well with the dress so I will be giving them back for her to wrap. They are VERY high but so incredible! The heels I wore for my graduation were the same height and I wore those all day without falling over once so I should be fine in these.

The belt is from Topshop with two gold panthers, one at either end, kindly lent to me by my friend at work. I got the earrings today from accessorize and they have a cluster of tiny gold leaves at the bottom of each gold strand.

I have a black bag with a gold fastening which I might use or I'm thinking of throwing another colour into the mix and buying a dark purple clutch....



  1. absolutely stunning outfit have an amazing birthday :)


  2. Wow sweet, those shoes are AMAZING! xx

  3. holy moly--this is a KILLER outfit! you are sure to look like a celebrity in this get-up...I love all the thoughtful touches, like the panthers too! hope you have so much fun! xoxo {av}

  4. I love your heels!! Soo amazing

  5. Thank you for all the lovely comments :) I actually cannot wait to wear this outfit! Will definitely post some photos up after my birthday!

    X X

  6. Love this outfit! And the shoes are gorgeous :)

    1. Yes they really are! & surprisingly comfortable to walk in too!


  7. You'll look amazing in that dress!