Sunday, 8 January 2012

The search for my Birthday dress . . .

It my 22nd Birthday on 18th February and I am already so excited! I'm going to be staying in London with a group of my closest friends, some from uni and some from home and going out that night to celebrate! I literally cannot wait and have already started looking for a dress to wear!

I bought this dress from the River Island sale for £15 down from £35. Its very pretty and I love the billowy sleeves and gold leaf print design! I would need to shorten it as the length is slightly odd and find a gold belt instead of using the tie to go with it, I think a belt would look much nicer!

I'm just not sure whether it would be dressy enough to wear out in London so I'm going to continue looking as I've still got plenty of time! I spotted a playsuit in Miss Selfridge which I really like in a red wine colour which is another potential! Its just I have so many playsuits already it would be nice to buy a new dress instead!



  1. Can't wait to see what you decide to wear sweet :) You'll have to put up some pictures! xox

  2. awww happy birthday! I think you'll look great in this dress :)
    hope you can join my makeup giveaway!


  3. that looks gorgeous! I hope I maage to arrange a night out big enough to buy a new dress this year ( it normally ends up just me and my best girls staggering bar to bar in normal ' town ' wear ) haha.

    have you thought about girl meets dress ( i think that's the name at least - the site where you hire designer garms for like 3 days for £40 or something) ?


  4. I'll be putting up photos in a post after :) & I'll take a look at that website now! I hadn't thought of it before so thanks so much for the great suggestion!!
    & Natalie, that's such a good giveaway, I'll be sure to enter!

    x x x