Monday, 2 January 2012

My Beautiful Boudoir

Day number two of 2012 and I decided it was finally time to sort my bedroom out! Since moving back home from uni (last June!!) I hadn't got around to making my room the beautfiul place it once was so seeing as its a new year it had to be seen to! A large canvas of the New York skyline needs to be hung up and the draw under my bed cleared out to make space for my bag collection and then the room will be done!

Whilst unpacking a box at I hadn't touched since June 2011 (I put it off for way too long) I found lots of cute bits and pieces I had collected over my three years at uni and used in my bedrooms in halls and student houses.

The first thing I dug out of the box was the string of pink feathered butterflies which I decided to hang next to my window. They're very delicate and I'm so glad they didn't get crushed in the move! The curtain is tied with white ribbon with a large sheer fabric butterfly clipped over the knot. Both of these and the wire heart notice holder (which is looking a bit bare of photos etc) are from a shop called Arrowsmiths in Broadstairs which I LOVE. I could spend all day looking at the beautiful things they sell in there!

Onto my dressing table, which at one point was my grandmothers, then my mums and now its mine! I'll post a full picture of it soon. I have a lot of jewellery and even two jewellery stands isn't enough to hold it all! The one to the left of this photo is actually a mug stand I got in a charity shop in Falmouth for 50p! When I started uni I wanted a jewellery stand for my new room and remembered a friend of a friend once telling me they used mug stands. I thought it was a brilliant idea and still use it now even though I've since got a pretty pink heart shaped one!

I bought two huge teacups about four years ago and took them to uni, only to find they were way too big to make tea or coffee in! Last year I decided to put them to good use instead of leaving them to collect dust, so I now use one to store my hair accessories in, making it a cute and unusual addition to my dressing table!

To be continued . . .



  1. I love your photo holder, I want something like that for my necklaces!

  2. Thanks! I never thought about putting jewellery on it, thats such a good idea!! x x

  3. I have the heart photo holder its lovely isnt it:)
    great blog

  4. I am in the same predicament as you Jess, I need to sort my room out and I am purchasing one of those heart notice holders soon.
    They are great, lovely room! I also love the fact your dressing table was your nans, then your mums now yours. That is really beautiful.